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In Addition to fragrances themselves, we produce a variety of goods such as skin care & cosmetics, toileties, and household goods.

We take paricular care to develoop safe, deurable, original goods with a diffusive, long-lasting fragrance.
A perfumer is a "fragrance artist".
The gems that their sfforts produce are all around you...


Sweets, drinks, desserts, frozen desserts, bakery goods, instant foods, retort foods, TV dinners, tobacco, and flavors used in oral care goods.

Our flavorists use cousumers tastes and the clients consept as their guide in creating flavors.
We make full use of analytical skills, and emphasize joint research with our clients in developing the right products.
Our special desire is to make natural flavors, analyzing natural materials and extracting select elements.
Our flavors come in different froms

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