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Production Headquarters

Production headquarters follows the recipe prepared by theresearchers, and handles shipping. There are factories in Osaka (on the Home Office premises; mainly for flavors and fragrances), and Joso. Ibaragi(for semi-finished food products). Our carefully planned production management system and trained personnel take care of all aspects of orders - by anything from to grams - from home and abroad, on a daily basis.

Our company fully complies with ISO9001 & ISO14001mp, and partner factories are also fully accredited.
Top priority is given to continually improve quality; factory production assures full confidentiality; automatic washers and air shower room (Kanto Factory), plus employees' washroom guarantee the utmost cleanliness of site and staff.
The entire factory enthusiastically participates in the "5S Check" and the "QC(Quality Control) Circle". These daily efforts get clear results in product quality and safety, and in overall appearance and purity.

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